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BMW 635 CSi 4/1989 (one of the very last E24)
VIN: WBAEC841XK3269278

First registration: 1989
Mileage: 69.000 miles (110.000 km)
Exterior: Dark gray metallic
Interior: Silver gray leather
Engine: 3.4, 155 kW
Gearbox: automatic
Accidents: In 1994 right front fender and right door accident, original panels repaired (door still has VIN label). In 2015 light front contact (photos available).

The BMW 6-series coupé type E24 was made between 1976-1989. In 1987, the 635 CSi was developed for US market into BMW L6 (Luxury 6-series) and M6 (Motorsport 6-series). The 'L6' badge was used instead of '635 CSi' badge on the rear lid only for 1987 models, but these 1987 L6 cars had 136 kW engines. This car is newer and has the 155 kW engine plus the L6 luxury features ("L6" can be seen on one label). On the last model year the 635 was only made for UK (RHD) and USA (LHD). The production ended on April 6, 1989. This car has a label "04/89". This car's VIN ends with 278, while the last LHD CSi A VIN ended with 289, just 11 cars later. This car might have been made on the final production day of the E24.

ABS anti-lock braking system (optional from 1979, standard from 1981!)
Board computer
Cruise control
Electric mirrors
Front seat heating
Limited slip differential
Servotronic speed dependent power steering (available since 1988!)
SRS Supplementary Restraint System driver airbag (optionally available since 1984!)
L6 equipment:
Air conditioning also at the rear with cooler box
Automatic gearbox
Full leather interior in Silver (BMW name for this shade of gray)
Fully electric front seats (seat fore/aft, backrest fore/aft, seat front up/down, seat rear end up/down, headrest up/down)
Rear window curtain
Sound system with 8 speakers

Aftermarket equipment:
17" BBS multipiece wheels

Refurbishment in 2016:
New paint
New front seat leather
New muffler
Yellow fog lamp lenses (white original lenses available)

Location of car: Tallinn, Estonia

Price: 19.900 EUR
We can transport it all over the world (ask for price to your location)